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The "Kraken" Fighter

Handmade from 1/4" thick 80CRV2 Steel with the bulletproof Pirate Forge in house heat treat!  I give you the "Kraken."  Ok so first off what was the inspiration for this blade... Well I was working on some All American Fighters and had a wild hair... I decided to just free hand shape whatever came to mind.. Well this was it... After making it a reality I realized what had inspired me.. Something very special from my childhood.. I dont remember what fort we were in but my family visited an old concrete fort near the beach and walking around I found this old small fixed blade knife deep inside one of the walls of the place.. I was like 8 years old and I was super scrawny so I could fit into tight spots.. Anyways this little blade I found captured my imagination all those years ago.  I believed it had been left behind by some pirate long ago.. It was a treasure to me and I still have that blade til this day... Ill even put a picture of it in the listing. Anyways That blade subconciously made its way out of my brain and into this thing you see here!!! The "Kraken" Fighter!  This blade features free handed hollow grinds on the big 14" wheel, fullers, an ornate integral gaurd with milled through slot, really unique Stabilized Black Ash wood in my "Relic" style recessed fit up, hollow copper pins, rear lanyard hole, skull and bones engraved touchmark, engraved Pirate Forge branding, a razor sharp mirror polished edge, and the exclusive "Swamp Wash" Patina finish!  This one comes with a custom made Right Handed belt loop sheath. Sheath features heavy veg tan leather, black stitching ( dual stitch lines), skull and bones engraving, Pirate Forge Branding engraving on back , hammered copper rivets, double leather retention snap straps with antiqued copper finish snaps, and a unique handpainted and stained finish.  



overall length 11"

blade 6"

weight 10.1oz


Items will ship within 3 business days of purchase.  Free shipping for continental USA residents.  USPS priority tracked shipping. 

The "Kraken" Fighter

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