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  • How do I care for my blade?
    Carbon Steel blades are know for their sharp edge and ease of sharpening, however, they do require some extra attention. Remember you dont have just some "knife".....youve got a highly functional, handmade, heirloom quality, piece of art my friend! Take care of it! Keep a thin coat of FOOD GRADE MINERAL OIL on the blade. You can also apply this to the handle as well. During use a patina can develop as the carbon in the blade reacts with what you are cutting. Fort example an onion will turn the blade yellow browns where protein will turn the blade a gorgeous purple blue hue. Over time the formation of patina creates protection from rust. Personally, I love patinas! If its not your thing then make sure to wipe your blade off after each series of cuts. After you are done using your edged tool clean with soap and water.....dry......then wipe down with mineral oil.. AGAIN I MUST STRESS DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BLADE WET....IN MOST CASES IT WILL RUST. HANDWASH ONLY. Most issues are easily fixed and I can help you with that! When you purchase my work you are not a customer....your family and part of the crew! I come with that blade for any support/questions please utilize the contact info on the page.
  • How do I sharpen my blade?
    The secret to sharpening a blade is to pick a style of sharpening: Stones, belts, or sharpening devices. Pick one and master it. I suggest you learn using one of your old blades before you hone the edge on your pirate blade. Maintaining a keen edge is paramount to performance. Its like buying a really fancy sportscar but then putting slick spare tires on it....not a regular spare but one of those mini donut tires. Doesnt matter if you have a ferrari....Those slick tires arent getting traction and that car is not performing at its best. There is a lot of online sharpening information. I urge you to educate yourself and become one with the blade...Again if you are having difficulty with sharpening you can send it back to me...Just cover to and from shipping and ill bring the blades sharpness back to perfection.
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