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The "HOSS"

I give you the mega one handed chopper the "HOSS."  Pretty much a  shorter Guillotine blade with a one handed handle.... and let me tell ya this things a beast!!!! Handmade from 80crv2 High Carbon Steel with a top notch in house heat treat.  The geomtry as well as the heat treat are geared to make this thing an edged bulldozer. BRING IT BOI!!!!!! The HOSS features primary flat ground bevels with a slight convexing near the edge.  1/4"thick spine with some nice fullers.  It features a deeply engraved skull and bones touchmark with Pirate Forge Branding on the other side.  Satin finished with mirrow polished perimeter.  The handle is Stablized Maple wood with hollow copper pins in the "Relic" style recessed fit up.  This blade is super comfortable in hand.. It has a nice weight/slight foward balance that lends to chopping!  This blade will be great for outdoors/camping but can also be used as a culinary/meat cleaver.  The "HOSS" comes with a custom made leather belt loop sheath. Please pick Right or Left handed at checkout. 


Free shipping for continental USA.  USPS priority tracked.  Items will ship within 7 days of purchase (custom sheath made to order) 



overall length 13.5

edge length 8.25

1lb 9oz



Once this 1 available "HOSS" has sold the listing will kick over to being a preorder.  Im only going to take on a total of 3.  Shortly after purchase I will reach out to you via contact listed at checkout.  I will give you your pic of stablized wood handle material.  I have a large selection of pieces for you to choose from.   

The "HOSS"

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