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The "Guillotine"

The blade that pretty much started it all..... The "Guillotine".... I would say that this blade is the greatest representation of pirate forge.... straight to the core... 8 months into making blades I was invited on the  History Channel Show "Knife or Death."  They didnt say anything other than its american ninja meets forged in fire.... be prepared to destroy anything and everything.... Thats when I came up with this absolutely epic piece of edged steel! I absolutely demolished the course.  It even made an impression of professional wrestler and host of the show Bill Goldberg.  So much that he purchased the second one I made.  Anyways the Guillotine is back and better than ever!!! Ive applied all my current skills (which have drastically improved since back in 2017) and went to work on this new Guillotine.  Made from 1/4" thick 80crv2 carbon steel this is a bulldozer with an edge! Flat primary bevels, angled plunge lines, satin finish, deep fullers, Grail Mark skull and bones, Pirate Forge engraving, "Guillotine" engraving on spine, forge scaled flats, and a ridiculously sharp edge!  Primo in house Pirate Forge Heat treat.. This is not some assembly line style business.  This blade is handled very carefully throughout a lengthy heat treat process that results in maximum grain refinement, optimal hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and the ablilty to take an extremely sharp edge.  The handle is American Hickory wood with hollow copper pins.. The wood has been stained, weathered, and polished.  It also features my "Relic" style recessed handle fit up.. This blade comes with a custom made leather sheath. Sheath features heavy veg tanned leather, black stitching, copper rivets, laser engravings, and a wildly unique swamp camo hand stained/painted finish.  Sheath is ambidextrous/no belt strap. 


Specs: (specs can slightly differ due to the fact each is a one off custom handmade piece)

weight 3.5lbs

overall length 29.75"

edge length 17.75"

blade width 3"

Spine thickness 0.25"


Free Shipping for continental USA residents. USPS priority Shipping.  Tracked. 



Preorders will be filled in order of purchase. I will reach out to update you of  your estimated lead time shortly after purchase.  Preordered Guillotines will be similar to product listed.  Due to the nature of each one being a custom made "one off" each blade/sheath will be slightly different.  I will also update those who preorder with progress updates/videos/pics.. Preording is more than just buying a product... Its an experience. I did this with the "Necrochete" preorders and it worked great and was a lot of fun for both me and the folks who ordered them! Feel free to message or call if you have any questions. 

The "Guillotine"

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