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Stainless Machete

AEBL Pirate Forge stainless machete. With the in house highly specialized heat treat, you are getting maxium toughness and edge retention. Made to dominate the brush and blaze a trail this machete is built to face the creatures... or brush of the swamp, whatever comes first... Hand ground satin finished flat grinds with a deep and long fuller for your pleasure. This blade features laser engraved touch mark and Pirate Forge branding.Beautiful highly stabilized birch wood with high polished copper pins hold the relic style handle along with marine grade epoxy. Polished perimeters and a razor edge. The buyer will have their choice of left or right hand draw sheath.


Free shipping for Continental USA residents.   USPS Priority Tracked.  Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase. 



overall length 22.5"

blade length 16.5"

weight 1lb 10z

spine thickness 0.187"

Stainless Machete

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