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Pirate Cleaver/maple/copper

Handmade from 80crv2 High Carbon steel with a stellar in house heat treat..  This is a Meat Cleaver...made to chop meat and bones. Can also be used for outdoor/camping.  The heat treat and geometry on this with stand up to whatever you throw at it.. A fearless working cleaver!  Now this cleaver can still cut and slice some veggies but its not going to cut and slice like a chef or fillet knife.  The cleaver features flat ground bevels with slight convexing near edge. Beefy 1/4" thick spine and 3" width! This thing means business.  The blade features a deeply engraved skull and bones touchmark on one side with Pirate Forge Branding on the other.  Stablized Maple wood handle with hollow copper pins. The handle is fit up with the "Relic" reccessed style.  It is super comfortable in hand and has the right balance and weight for a meat cleaver!  This piece comes with your choice of custom made leather sheath in Right or Left handed belt loop carry.  Please specify at checkout. 


Free shipping for continental USA. USPS tracked.  Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. (7 business day lead time due to making the custom sheath)



overall length 11.25

edge length 6.5"

1lb 4oz


Pirate Cleaver/maple/copper

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