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KT Chef Knife / old growth oak

New for 2024 the "KT" Chef Knife. A  western style inspired chef knife with the relic handle design from Pirate Forge. Highly specialized heat treat only found here at Pirate Forge.  Laser etch skull and bones with Pirate forge name on the blade. Satin finished hand gound bevels to a near zero edge.  AEBL  stainless is resistance to rust and has excellecent toughness making it one of the best choices for a chef knife. High polished copper pins help hold the relic style handles with marine grade epoxy. Ground with a distal taper making this blade effortless to use.. The buyer can also purchase a leather saya/sheath to help protect blade in transport to your friends house to show off this bad ass piece of Pirate Forge kitchen cutlery. 


Free shipping for Continental USA residents.   USPS Priority Tracked.  Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase. 



overall length 12.5"

blade length 8"

weight 7.6oz

KT Chef Knife / old growth oak

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