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KT Chef 360 layers/Amboyna Burl

I forged this blade starting with a 36 layer stack of alternating 80crv2 and 15n20 (Deathmascus).  After forging out the initial bar, I then cut it up into 10 even lengthed pieces.  These pieces were surface ground, restacked, and forged out into another bar.  I then forged this Culinary blade from on of the pieces of that final bar.  I did some agressive forging and maipulation of the steel to give it the wild pattern you see.  This blade not only was forged in the shop but it received a top notch heat treat here.  This blade will take and hold a very sharp edge.   The blade features primary flat gound bevels, mirror polished edge, Laser engraved skull and bones Grail mark, engraved Pirate Forge branding on opposite side, a nice contrasting etch finish, and a  two tone natural forged finished bolster flats.  The handle is a gorgeous stablized piece of Amboyna Burl with hollow copper pins.  The handle has a "Museum Fit" construction.  the handle is all rounded and slightly swells out from the tang of the blade.  This not only adds to the look and comlexity of the piece but it makes for a blade that can stand up against the test of time.  over 100's of years wood can swell and or shrink.  yes even the highlest quality stabilized wood.  This swelling of the handle makes those issues null and void.  Its really just an absolute gorgeous piece of work.  Nice distal tapers and working geometry.  This piece will be a joy to use.  This Culinary blade comes the custom made leather sheath shown in pictures.  Sheath is also made here in house at the Pirate Forge.  Sheath features heavy veg tanned leather, ornate hand tooling, black stitching, hammered copper rivets, copper button retention snap straps, hand painted and stained antiqued finish,  and laser engraved skull and swords compass on front/ Pirate Forge branding on back.  


Free shipping for continental USA residents.  USPS priority tracked shipping.  Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase. 



overall length 12.5"

blade length 8.25"

weight 9.9oz

heel height 2.25"




KT Chef 360 layers/Amboyna Burl

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