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Koa Grail Rougarou

Handmade from AEBL stainless steel with the top notch Pirate Forge in house heat treat.   This is the blade that can be seen on social media chopping though a 2x4 then slicing paper and a water bottle with ease. The blade features flat ground primary bevels, razor sharp edge, laser engraved skull and bones touchmark, Pirate Forge branding, steel type engraved, integral guard through hole, and lanyard hole with lanyard/engraved copper tube.  The handle features "Relic" style recessed Stablized Koa wood with hollow copper pins.  This piece comes with leather sheath show in pictures.  Sheath is Right Handed Belt Loop Carry.  It features heavy veg tan leather, black stitching, hammered copper rivets, ornate tooling, a custom hand painted/stained finish, engraved skull and bones touchmark, and Pirate Forge branding/American Flag on the back. 


Free shipping for Continental USA residents.   USPS Priority Tracked.  Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase. 



overall length 13.5"

blade length 8.25"

weight 1lb

spine thickness 0.187 

Koa Grail Rougarou

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