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Grail Cutter

The "Grail" Cutter... What is a Grail? Its the top shelf level piece.  A treasured, prized possession.  All of the blades at Pirate Forge and excellent and special in thier own right, however, these that I deem as "Grail" worthy receive the Grail Mark.  It is a raised skull and bones inside of a circle.  This blade is hand forged from a mix of 1084/15n20 high carbon steel. It features flat ground primary bevels. Excellent in house heat treat.  Laser engraved "Grail Mark" on one side and Pirate Forge branding on the other.  The handle is a highly figured stablized Amboyna Burl with solid black G10 pins.  This blade comes with your choice of Right or Left handed Belt Loop or Pocket Sheath. Just specify at checkout.  These sheaths will be custom made once the order is placed.


Free shipping for continental USA residents, USPS tracked. Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. (Giving you all the choice of custom made sheath.. These sheaths take several days to make. That is the reason for the 7 business day lead time.)



overall length 7"

blade 3"

weight 2.6oz

Grail Cutter

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