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I present to you THE DEVIL OF THE SEA..... "DIABLO DEL MAR" ...  This Cutlass was hand forged from 1084/15n20 high carbon steel.  Over 200 layers of random pattern forged to shape giving the pattern a fitting wave like pattern throughout.  This blade recieved that one of a kind in house Pirate Forge Heat Treat as well.  It takes and holds a razor sharp edge. This sword can be seen cutting through a big Warsaw grouper. The blade is just as sharp and straight as it was before slicing through the sea beast...The blade features my new W over M touchmark as well as my classic skull and bones touchmark. The blade has a glowing polished finish to it as well a nice fullers running the length of the blade.  This piece is nice and balanced coming in at 2lb 2oz with a distal taper throughout. Thickness has been retained at the hilt junction as well as differential tempering on top of full blade tempering.  The Hilt is three piece constuction.  I hand forged it from mild steel using my anvils and a big dished out tree stump from my yard.  All the pieces are attached with hand forged steel rivets. The guard has many detailed engravings that include my gothic cross, W over M signa, and the Swords name "DIABLO DEL MAR."  I then added a hand forged copper bolster as well as forged copper rivets to the piece.  You can also see all the hammer forged marks all over the guard.  The handle is a hickory wood solid one piece core wrapped in dark goat skin. The pommel was forged from a piece of antique wrought iron ship anchor chain.  I etched it to reveal all the layers of the old wrought then added domed copper rivets to the 4 sides. The hilt also includes 2 forged copper spacers as well as a forged steel cap that the sword tang is peened over. Everything was forged fit.  during final construction I used black dyed GFLEX marine grade epoxy to make a strong water tight seal throughout the piece.  This is far more than just an high end art piece... It is a real and very highly functional edged tool.  Ready for whatever Pirate Adventures you see fit.   I will be in touch with the buyer shortly after sale. You will have your choice of custom made scabbard or a custom display stand.  Either of these will be as equally detailed and amazing as the sword you see here.   I will cover the fully insured shipping via UPS as well. 



overall length 33"

blade length 26"

weight 2lb 2oz



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