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"DAWN" Two Handed Longsword

I give you the sword "DAWN."  This is an amazing 2 handed longsword.  The blade is 80crv2 high carbon steel.  It features full length deep hollow grinds from hilt to tip.  The free handed hollow grinds take a great deal more time and skill than flat or convex ground bevels but they are worth it.  It makes an extremely sharp cutting edge while retaining thickness down the raised medial ridge.  When swung it cuts the air with an audible whip.  Just like the first light at dawn this sword shines glows... 2 days of polishing and standing in front of my baldor buffing wheel of death to get this finish worthy of such a blade.  Down the proximal medial ridge you will see a very ornate deep egraved fuller on each side.  These engraved fullers feature 3 small heraldic crosses centered in them.  These add some weight reduction but just add to the overal aesthetic.  Aside from the looks. the sword features my highest quality in house heat treat... This is with an extreme depth temperature controlled kiln for exact hold times and temps.  Quenched in professional quench fluid formulated for the steel.. after two full tempering cyles in the kiln I then come back and diffentially temper the stress riser at the hilt junction.  This is much more than a piece of art, it is top quality, real battle ready steel ready for action if need be. The cruciform guard was forged from mild steel.  It has an antiqued finish with my hammer marks still very visible all over the piece. The guard also features deep laser engraved heraldic crosses on each side. The handle is two piece american hickory wood I sourced locally and have had in my barn for 2 years. I then inlayed several rings of round leather wrap before covering the piece in real goat skin leather. While the glue cured I compression wrapped the handle with 2 different types of strands to give contrasing texture and feel.  I repeated this lengthy process twice to make the seam very clean and smooth. I finished the handle off by fixing 14 rounded brass pins into the handle. Between the guard and handle you will find a handmade brass spacer with 16 individually  laser engraved heraldic crosses. It was polished, etched, and then stonewashed to give it a unique antique finish.  I forged the round pommel from mild steel. Just like the guard I left the hammer forged marks all over the piece.  I then put two days worth of engravings into it.. Very detailed artwork I designed and then used my laser engraver to execute.  After engraving is was antiqued and stonewashed for over and hour.  The pommel is an impressive piece of art on its own. The final compents are the brass and steel pommel cap.  Just like the spacer between the guard and handle the brass cap features more cross engravings (12 to be exact) that circle the piece.  The forged steel cap is on top of that.  Both were antiqued in similiar fashion.  All of the hilt components were put together using epoxy mixed with ground human bone used as a thickening agent.  The human bones I use in my work are legally sourced and antiques in their own right.  When working with such a material I give it a great deal of respect and appreciation.. If you become the owner of this piece I trust you will do the same. After a 24 hour cure of the marine grade GFLEX epoxy I then peended the tang for permanent mechanical fixation.  This is just an incredible piece. Incredible in looks, feel, and performance.  The entire piece comes in at a balanced 3lb 4oz. The point of balance is 2" in front of the hilt. The blade is 31" in the length with a total length of 40.25" from tip to tang.  2.5" blade width at the hilt.  The medial ridge is 0.250"thick at the proximal medial ridge.  This thickness distally tapers towards the tip.   

The list price is for sword only. I will be including a custom made display case for the buyer. Feel free to contact me for any and all questions regarding this piece. 


Free shipping for continental USA residents. For out of country buyers website will autocalculate shipping but I will contact you to confirm shipping choice. Shipping can be changed to any service and level you prefer. You will just be responsible for shipping cost. 

"DAWN" Two Handed Longsword

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