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I give you "BESTIARIUS."  over 200 layers of random pattern Damascus I forged from 1084 and 15n20 high carbon steel.  I forged the sword to be extremely strong.  The hilt juntion after forging was 3/8"thick with a nice taper down to the tip.  It features my top tier in house Pirate Forge heat treat that I have proved time and time again.  This piece will take and hold a extremely sharp edge. Though the blade shows much high end hand made artistry at its core it is an edged tool ready for whatever life brings.  Coming in at 2lb 6oz it is a fast and well balanced piece.  The point of balance is right at the hilt junction. This piece features my most complex grinds ever to be placed in one of my swords. there is a pronounced medial ridge with deep free hand ground hollows on each side that taper all the way inside the tip.  the outer bevels are a slight convex.  This combo of grinds makes for great weight reduction while still retaining a great amount of strength!  The sword also has detailed engraved fullers. Architectural shapes as well as a relief engraved gothic cross on each side.  I forged the cruciform guard from mild steel.  I was hot forged straight to the sword.  It was a tight fit even before adding the marine grade epoxy.  The guard shows all the hours of hand forged work I put into it... Unique texture and curvature.  It is a feast for the eyes.  On each side you with see opposing Beasts deeply engraving into the piece.   I hand forged pure silver into the 12 domed rivets you see in the handle.  I also forged two spacers as well ass the pommel cap out of pure silver.   I made the handle out of American Hickory wood.  The handle also features hollow ground bevels that blend and taper just like the blade.  It is very comfortable in hand...even with the domed silver rivets.  I forged the crowned pommel out of mild steel.  It was also given a hot forged fit up.  After forging and fitup it then received countless hourse of engraving work... The architectural shapes are the same designs on each side of the Beasts in the guard engravings, just inverted. The final fit up was done with marine grade GFLEX then the tang was peened for a tight timeless final fixation.  This is one amazing piece of high end functional art! I will be in touch with the buyer after purchase.   List price includes either custom built scabbard or a display stand.  If you would like both or even something like a lighted display case we can discuss that after purchase as well as pricing for those things.  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this one of a kind piece. 



overall length 24.5"

blade length 17.5"

weight 2lb 6oz


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