This is no ordinary EDC (everyday carry) Skinner!  I forged the blade from 4 layers of 300 plus layer Alabama Damascus Steel, 4 layers of pure nickel, and one piece of 52100 chromium alloy ball bearing steel for the center core.(Thats over 1200 layers of steel)...  It is no easy accomplishment to set these welds and draw the piece out into a blade without having one of the nickel layers cross the edge/center. Furthermore, having that 52100 as the center/edge steel, I am able to achieve a perfect heat treat for the steel supporting the blade edge. This piece features forged finish flats with primary hollow grinds coming to a fine edge.  The handle is constructed "Relic" style with recessed Woolly Mammoth rib bone scales and copper pins/lanyard pin.  This blade also includes a handmade leather pocket sheath. (make sure to scroll through the above pics to see sheath)



Weight: 4.9oz

Overall Length: 6.75"

Blade Length: 3", Blade Height 1.5"

Wooly Mammoth GoMai Skinner