Treasure Series Fillet Knife #2

Here we go.  For those who dont know, I absolutely love fishing.  Born and raised doing nearly any and every type fishing possible here on the Gulf Coast.  So long story short....Im pretty passionate about my fillet knives.  On this three piece run I wanted to channel that love into some unique pieces.  From the blades to the sheaths.  These are what I consider my "top shelf" Carbon Steel Fillet Knives... Lets talk about them.  For the steel I used Nickle alloy carbon steel in the form of old used Bandsaw blades. Why??? because they take an excellent heat treat, they are tough, the nickel alloy make them more rust resistant than other carbon steels, and its just down right cool to repurpose those old sawblades!  They have my same in house heat treat as my other filet knives, but instead of using a surface grinder to grind the distal taper, I do it all by hand/eye (distal tapers as well as primary bevel).  I spend a lot more time with these blades in my hand.  The result is a crisp plunge line and a little more weight in the handle.  The blades feature an integral finger guard with drilled through holes and an antiqued stonewash finish.  For the handle, I broke into my limited supply Vintage Teak Wood.  This Teak is from the 1970's and came off an old boat from right here in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida.  This 50 year old wood has incredible figure and color....Beautiful stuff!   The Teak and hollow copper pins are fixed in place  with marine grade GFLEX epoxy. Once the epoxy has cured and the handle is shaped, I then hammer flare the outside of the pin widening the hole as well as adding even more strength to construction.  The handle is then hand sanded and buffed before sealing with wax....... Ok, on to the Sheath....

The custom sheath is made from heavy veg tan leather.  It features unique hand tooling (lots of that), through holes,  and a right side carry belt loop.  I handstiched the sheath using a combination of internal and exposed stitching (see pics).  The sheaths have been carefully stained and antiqued.  Again just an incredible piece......


Blade #2 Specs 

Weight 2.5oz

Overall Length 11.25"

Blade Length 6.5"

Treasure Series Fillet Knife #2