"TITAN" Center Punch (Twist Pattern)

I give you the "Titan"!!!!!!! Damascus Center Punch....

I started off with 33 layers of 80crv2 and 15n20 (Deathmascus).  I stacked the alternating layers then welded them inside of an airtight steel container.  After setting forge welds, the homogenous billet was forged out into a bar.  I then clamped it down in my vice and attacked it with an impact wrench!! After several heats/rounds of twisting, I then surface ground the piece.  The steel spent hours going through grain refining heat cyles in my electric kiln.  After final shaping I put it through the final Austenizing trip and quenched to create some serious hardness with tight grain!  As a matter of fact, this beast is sitting at a post temper hardness of 60 hrc.  Yeah, thats absolutely ridiculous for a punch, but with this combo of steel and the heat treat I put on it, its a working hardness!  Your not a metal worker??? thats fine... This thing will make a great window breaker or self defense tool.  But if you are a metal worker, you're looking at the Lamborgini of Center Punches... This is an incredible piece of art and a heirloom quality tool! 


11.3 oz

5/8" Squared

7" Overall Length

"TITAN" Center Punch (Twist Pattern)