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The "WHITMIRE" Dagger

Named after a local Cemetery with an interesting History..... The Whitmire Dagger is nothing short of Legendary..... Handforged from a small triangular piece of 80crv2 high carbon steel.  This blade features some wild micro hollow grinds!! I free handed them on a 5/8" wheel....Just nuts.... and even crazier to reproduce that grind 4 times... Makes for some beautiful curves as well as a pronounced raised medial ridge from plunge lines to tip.  The hollow grinds have a mirror polish just adding to the overall look. I left the hand forged texure on the flats.  The dagger has both my skull and bones touchmark as well as the gothic cross with W over M Laser engraved... one on each side.  The handle is real Human Femur Bone.  I collect lots of interesting things.... some of those things happen to be human skulls and bones.  Just normal Pirate Business ya know... But anyways the piece of femur I used on this has been in my possesion for several years.  For those curious I say Treat human remains such as this with respect and you shouldnt have any issues.  The bone is gorgeous and is just perfect for this dagger.  This piece is also adorned with hand forged/domed copper pins as well as forged hollow copper inserts. 1000% Pirate Forge Style. Just an impressively unique piece.  It also carries a top notch in house heat treat... Highly functional art and a Legendary Heirloom piece. 

For this piece I'm including a handmade leather sheath with Ulti Clip.  This sheath can easily be carried as a deep pocket or boot carry.  The sheath features heavy veg tan leather, gator hide, forged copper rivets, black stitching, ornate tooling, and an antiqued finish.  


This item will ship within 5 business days of purchase. USPS priority shipping included for Cont. USA residents. Tracked with Signature delivery. 



overall length 8.375"

edge length 4"

weight 4oz

The "WHITMIRE" Dagger

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