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I present to you the "WENDIGO."  Just over 4 feet of monster slayin steel!!!  My idea for this build was a cross between a Falchion and a Chinese War sword.  It is not only great looking it is great feeling and performing.  You can see this monster in action taking on some big live trees in the "Strength Test" I posted to social media.  I put a stellar in house heat treat into this thing as well. It takes an extremely sharp edge and holds it... Even after taking down several large trees it was still hair poppin sharp!  The balance and perfomance as well as the long reach make it worthy of its name.  This blade features flat ground primary bevels transitioning to slight convex at the tip, long deep fullers, large engraved skull and bones "Grail Mark", Pirate Forge engraved on opposite side, and a wild looking Swamp Washed Patina from end to end.  The handle is Poison Blackwood in the "Relic" recessed style with flared hollow copper pins.  The handle features detailed hand engravings by yours truly.  After engraving my artwork I inlayed it with offwhite stained marine grade epoxy. The end of the handle features an integral ring pommel with through hole.   This larger than life piece comes with a custom leather cover sheath.  Sheath features heavy veg tanned leather, double black stitching lines, hammered copper rivets, 3 retention snap straps, and a super unique stain job/finish.  I used several types of leaves from around my woods to make the patterns all over woodsy themed sheath. 



weight 5lb 3oz

overall length 48.25"

cutting edge 24"

ricasso height 2.25"

distal swell 3"

spine thickness 1/4" 


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase.  Free USPS tracked Shipping for continental USA residents.  For a piece this size im guessing the shipping will be around $200. Im going to cover that for the buyer. If you would like to pay the difference for alternate shipping/overnighting ETC please contact me after purchase. 


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