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The Wasp EDC

The Wasp was designed with ergos in mind. Whether its a reverse grip or regular hold this blade melts into the hand. Supporting a 3.5 in blade with convex grinds this blade is stong and sharp. Satin finish and lazer jimping for choking up on the blade its surley not to slip. Beautiful Pirate Forge mystery wood! Not sure on the origins or what it may be... but it sure does have a crazy grain with some deep maroons and orange colors. Held on by hollow copper pins and West System marine grade epoxy. Beautiful right hand carry tooled sheath stained with multiple colors provides a camo like finsh.

Items will ship within 7 business days. Free shipping for continental USA residents. 



overall length 7.5"

blade length 3.5"

weight 3.8oz

The Wasp EDC

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