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I give you The "WARLOCK."  One epic piece of Pirate Forge Steel!!!!! Handmade from 80crv2  high carbon steel. In house Heat Treat that pushes the boundaries as always.... This super tight grained heat treat results in a absolutely ridiculous sharp edge that holds and a tough knife even sitting above 60 hrc!  Where to even begin with this beast?  Just a ton of work... This is no Water Jetted or CNC'd blade... This is handmade by me... each and every bit!  This thing features flat ground primary bevels, deep fullers, laser engraved GRAIL MARK,  laser engraved pirate forge/cross branding, integral D-guard, chamfered through holes, laser engraved spine jimping, and one crazy entire piece  Swamp Washed Patina!  The handle is high grade stablized KOA wood (look that up its some expensive stuff $$$) with chamfered hollow copper pins.  The handle also features my "Relic" style recessed fit up.  The blade is well balanced, and super comfortable in hand. Great care and time has been taken in rounding of all edges. It is an absolute pleasure to hold and stare at... trust me im doing it now as I write this description. I only have like 15 minutes until the drop time so i really shouldnt be googling over it but it happens.. Thats just the kind of piece this is... It just demands attention. Ok moving onto the sheath.  This monsta includes a custom handmade leather sheath.  Left hip belt loop carry (This is made for a right handed person).  Sheath features heavy veg tanned leather, detailed tooling, black stitching, numerous hammered copper rivets, laser engraving, and a sick swamp camo finish!


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free shipping for USA cont. residents. USPS tracked priority shipping. 





2.5" blade height

weight 1lb 12.5oz


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