One crazy unique blade that I forged from 80crv2 spring steel.  The "Time Keeper" features hollow ground primary bevels and a "Relic" style recessed handle.  The handle is teak wood with hollow copper pins.  I designed this blade for conceiled carry.  Maximixing effectiveness with a long blade and a palm grip handle.  Im sure youve heard me say it before....but the hollow grinds create an edge that cuts like a razor while retaining beefiness to the spine! The blade includes a handmade leather hooked pocket sheath.  Taking inspiration from pocket handgun sheaths, I created a slim sheath with a midlength placed hook that grabs the inside of your pocket.  This allows for fast one handed blade pull from a pocket. 


Weight: 4.5oz

Overall Length: 8.75"

Edge Length: 5.25"

The "Time Keeper"