The "Swamp AXE"

One bad dude...The Pirate Forge Swamp Axe...Forged from a piece of 80CRV2 High Carbon Steel....I REPEAT....NOT plasma cut/water jet shaped.... This piece was forged out with fire, hammer, caffeine, and anger...ok maybe a little love as well....You can see the hammer forged texture along the distally tapered full tang handle as well as the bit/blade bevel.  This axe is fully hardened/tempered/differential tempered.... It has several weight reducing chamfered through holes to give it the perfect balance and weight. The through holes even have hammer inlayed copper!   The bit features a polished bevel leading to a razor sharp flat ground secondary edge bevel...  The in house Pirate Forge Heat treat means it will take and hold that sharp edge as well as just having overall toughness.... A high performance heirloom quality piece... My skull and bones touchmark has been laser engraved on one side with my gothic cross W over M on the opposite side. The handle is locally sourced antique (50+  year old) Teak boat wood... The handle is fixed with Gflex marine grade epoxy as well has hammer flared hollow copper pins.  This Axe comes with a custom leather sheath I made for it.  The sheath features dual sided tooling, snap retention strap, and hammer forged copper rivets.  The Axe and Sheath are both stunning.  


Free shipping for Continental USA residents.  USPS fully insured/tracked shipping. Will ship within 3 business days of purchase. 



Weight 3lb7oz

overall length 21.5"

axe edge width 6"


The "Swamp AXE"