I present to you the "SEPPUKU" Kaiken Dagger.  When i started on this blade,  I was forging the piece of 80crv2 Carbon Spring Steel into a skinner blade.  After getting a little overzealous on the hammer blows, the skinner had lost its width. I was about to go at it with the crosspeen hammer to manipulate the steel back out, but then decided otherwise.  I decided to go for a mini wakizashi looking piece!  Definitely japanese inspired.  At least that is what I had pictured! Im so glad I happened to run with this piece,  because what that little square of steel turned into was pure beauty!  The blade shape is very sleek and makes for a fantastic carry piece.  The deep hollow grinds make for a cutter while at the same time retaining that spine thickness and strength.  It was a challenge keeping these free handed bevels consistent when working the blade, but it was totally worth it.  The hollow ground bevels feature a stonewashed finish with a mirror polished edge.  The figured Oak wood handle(with hollow copper pins) is slightly recessed from the tang of the blade.  You can still see some of the hammer forged texture peeking out!  The outer perimeter of the tang and spine is hand sanded smooth then cold blued.  This blade oozes style, fit, and finish!  Moving on, in the same fashion, I custom made a horizontal carry sheath to compliment the blade.  The leather sheath was made in 2 parts.  First I constructed a press fit, hand stitched sheath just big enough to house the blade.  I then fixed that sheath with a combination of glue, leather straps, and hammer peeded rivets to the leather back plate.  This sheath/holster can be comfortably worn on the back or side of your belt. Make sure you -Scroll Through The Above Pics- to see the sheath and other blade angles! Also if your brave enough, do some research into the blades name.  Some pretty interesting history in it.  



Weight: 3.5oz

Overall Length 8.75"

Blade Length 4.5" of cutting edge with a total of 5" from tip to front of handle. 

Blade Height at Ricasso: 0.75"