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The "Schooner" Drop Point

A drop point with some real pirate style...  The Blade is handmade from 80crv2 high carbon steel with a fine grained top notch in house heat treat.  This great attention to heat treat means a blade that is tough and also takes and holds a razor sharp edge!  The Blade features flat ground Primary bevels leading to a nice crisp plunge line and sharpening choil.  The blade features the "Grail Mark" as well as the Pirate Forge brand engraved on the opposite side of the Satin finished blade.  Moving on to the jewel of the piece... the guard.  The Guard/bolster is a 1 piece handforged beauty.  I made it from a small piece of mild steel... I used a combination of forging and hand files to create what you see..  I left the forge texture on it and gave it an antiqued stonewashed finish.  The handle features highly figured stabilized Redwood Burl as well as a polished brass though pin.  Just an incredible small piece.. Not only heirloom level but would make a great every day carry!  This blade comes with an equally amazing custom made leather "Dangle" sheath.  The sheath features heavy veg tanned leather, black stitching, hammered copper rivets, Right handed belt loop strap with ring/dangle connection, retention snap, and a very unique hand painted/stained swamp camo finish! The sheath also has my skull and bones touchmark as well as "Pirate Forge" engraved on it.  This style sheath not only looks really cool its functional. The blade carries a little lower for easier access.  It also conforms to whatever position your in... This style sheath also makes that guard section visible!!! Well and the sheath sitting a little lower makes the whole thing a little more visible. This is a blade/sheath that really needs to be shown off... I guarantee it will get some attention! lol 


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Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase.  USPS priority tracked



overall length 8.125"

blade length 3.75"

weight 4.5oz

The "Schooner" Drop Point

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