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THE MOLLYWHOPPER is one of the most piratey bowies Ive ever made... Just a big, beefy, rustic treasure of a piece.  The blade is handmade from 1/4" thick 80crv2 High Carbon Steel.  It features flat primary grinds, false edge, fullers, engraved skull and bones "Grail" mark, engraved Pirate Forge with Cross branding, with an Apocalypse finish.  Tougher than nails tight grained in house heat treat.     I hand forged the guard from a small piece of 80crv2 High carbon Steel (same as the blade) and then hot drifted it onto the tang.  This blade is really unique in the fact that it is a guarded full tang blade.. Usually with a guard the blade is going to be hidden tang. The constuction on this piece requirs much more skill.  Slight shoulders tha allow the handle and blade all to be one solid piece of steel and still look asthetically proportionate.  The hande is the same piece of steel as the blade. For the handle wood I used Poison Blackwood and big 3/8" hollow copper pins in my "Relic" recessed style fitup.  The entire tang as well as proximal spine have hours of detailed laser engraved artwork. This blade comes with a custom made leather sheath. Im giving you choice of Right or Left handed belt loop carry.  I will reach out to the buyer for input on color/tooling style.  Sheath can be ugraded to animal skin inlay for addtional pricing. 



overall length 13.5"

blade (tip to guard) 8.5"

weight 1lb 2.8oz


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free USPS tracked shipping for continental USA residents. 


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