The "Griffin"

This beast was forged from 80crv2 spring steel.  The "Griffin" is the lovechild of a blade and an axe.   It features a 1/4" spine with convex primary bevels.  That being said I designed this blade to be thrown or used as a serious chopper!  The "Relic" style handle features Walnut wood, solid brass pins, and hollow copper pins.  Because of the design and attention to detail, the blade is actually very comfortable in hand... even with the recessed handle.

The "Griffin" comes with one of my custom made scabbards.  The scabbard features 3 piece poplar wood, hand tooled leather, hammered copper rivet, a hand forged ring hoop, dyed/stabilized hemp wrap, carvings, and a removable snapped belt loop.  This is a very unique heirloom quality piece built for battle! 


Weight: 1lb 15oz

Overall Length: 14.5"

Blade Length: 8.5"

Blade Height: 3"

The "Griffin"