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The 100mm "MEDALLION"

Made from a huge chunk of Old Aluminum that I dug out of my barn!!  I wanted to make a new "Medallion" out of some interesting material... So yes I adventured across my yard into my two story barn next to the woods.  Its full of all kinds of odds and ends and materials.  I came across a very interesting piece of Thick Aluminum and I knew I had struck gold.... Well aluminum in this case.  Aluminum is an often overlooked material, however I always root for the underdog!  Its strength for its weight is pretty impressive and it just looks and feels cool.  Also, it isnt going to rust.  My whole idea behind this thing was thinking it would be a badass drink coaster! A glass of whiskey would look pretty good sitting on top of this.  So, I wanted something that wouldnt have issues with moisture.  I also wanted something that didnt weight 5 lbs.  This Mediallion is nearly 4" wide and is a hefty 3/8" thick.  These demensions make it the biggest thing to contain my original decision coin art!   This monster took 22 hours in just laser engraving alone!  I then blacken all the lows and hand sanded the highs.  I finished it off with a mirror polished finish. It contains the highly detailed originial Pirate Forge Decision Coin Artwork. Pirate Forge is also deeply engraved on the rim of the medallion.  As mentioned before this Piece would make a epic Drink coaster.  It can also be used as a big flip decision coin. Whatever purpose you use it for trust me on this... it is epic.  I finished it up this morning and havent been able to put it down yet.... and that was like 6 hours ago. 


Specs:3/8" thick (extra chunky boi)


///100mm/// 3.937" diameter (3 and 15/16" /just under 4 ")


Item will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free Shipping for cont. USA residents. USPS tracked shipping. 

The 100mm "MEDALLION"

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