Hand forged from 80crv2 Spring Steel,  this lethal masterpiece is very unique.  The blade features fullers as well as proximal hollow grinds transitioning to slight convexed primarys towards the distal 2/3 of the sword.  I then dropped the angle for some flat ground secondary bevels. (sharpened edge). There is a combination of light and dark finish as well as forged texture left on the blade.  A Legendary tight grained heat treat with differential tempering on top of full blade temper.  This sword can be seen on social media and youtube showing what it can do on a very large turkey.  Both penetrating to the hilt and executing clean one swing cuts effortlessly.....While at the same time maintaining the razor sharp edge.  I put an extreme amount of thought, inovation, and work into this sword.  When forging I left the tang junction a little over 1/4" thick then distally tapered throughout.  Now heres where it gets even more awesome!  I forged the guard and pommel out of a really old piece of wrought iron sourced from a mine cart axle. Thus part of the reason for its name.  Who knows what this old steel has witnessed underground in darkness!   Its at least 100 years old if not more than 200.  Ive never seen grain contrast like this....Especially on the pommel.  These were not machined....they were forged. Even forge fitted to the tang.  Its a great deal of work but you end up with a tight keyed fit.  The guard resembles a set of horns with both forged texures and an etched finish to show off the grain of the wrought iron.  On the pommel I engraved a skull on one side and a cross on the other. The sword features a hammered through tang construction.  That means the same steel you see on the blade comes out the end of the round pommel and is then hot peened.  I then build the handle from the inside out stabilizing while I wrap tightly with black and natural hemp.  This creates a comfortable and indestructable handle.  Again, when I say this piece is battle ready, I mean that.  It will not just hold up, it will last countless generations.  A heirloom piece.......Furthermore, a Short Sword makes for a fantastic carry, defence, or hunting tool! Full size swords can be difficult to carry and/or store. Also in close quarter situations you are limited with a long blade...... In these situations, the shorter blade is king!  Ok, so Moving onto the Scabbard... I constructed the scabbard out of Oak wood. It includes handmade steel caps on both ends.  It includes a leather belt strap that is removable.  On top of the hand tooled leather, I also forged the ring hoop connecting the belt strap.  The scabbard features dual side hand carvings.  My initials "W" over "M" on one side then the swords name "Tenebris" on the other.  This is a truly incredible piece!  


Make sure to scroll through all the pictures.  If you have any questions about the sword feel free to contact me via my listed number or email. Thanks - Wayne



Overall Length 24"

Blade Tip to Hilt 17.5"

Blade Width 2" at flare

Weight: a well balanced 2lb 6oz