I present to you a true abomination,  pulled straight from Davy Jones Locker!!!! I forged this epic piece of badassness using a piece of Antique Wrought Iron Ship Anchor Chain as cladding with 80crv2 spring steel core.  After setting forge welds and drawing close to shape, I ground shallow slices into the edge side of the blade.  During the final forging to shape, the core steel was exposed in a wave like fashion.  Next, I wanted to make this blade even more fantastic, so I did a combination of etching, patina, and copper washing.  Looking like a sunset over deep water,  the dark patina over the forged marks transitions from a wave of copper to a deep dark blue hue on the core steel. The handle is weathered and dyed OAK wood with hollow copper pins.  And I almost forgot....this blade features hollow ground primary bevels.  This geometry makes it an excellent cutter while at the same time preserving spine thickness for strength.  That along with my tried and true tight grain heat treat makes this an heirloom piece that is sure to be treasured by generations to come. Heck Yeah! This blade comes with one of my custom leather sheaths.  Staying true to the feeling of the blade I went a little wild on the sheath as well.  Press fit leather, copper rivets, brass rivets, and leather accents make up with ambidextrous horizontal carry sheath!  This is what true "handmade" looks like. I cant even count the hours put into this piece.  Seriously...I have no clue.  When im doing what I love, the reality of time fades away. In closing, my only wish as that this piece finds its way into the hands of another who loves it as much as I do. 



Weight: 9oz

Overall Length: 11.25"

Blade Length: 6" Blade Height: 1.625"

Tanto of DOOM