A truly wicked Swamp Sword! This blade takes the already awesome swamp sword design and makes it even better! This sword is 80crv2 Spring Steel with my tight grain, battle ready heat treat. Now here's where things get crazy.....This sword had dual hollow ground edges!  As if the 20" leading edge wasnt enough, this sword has 14 more inches of razor edged steel on the spine!  Starting at the ricasso, there is 5.5" of spine filework and a wide fuller that blends into the hollow ground top edge.  To top it off I put a forced patina on the blade. This patina adds style as well as protection against the elements.   The handle is figured Walnut with 3 hollow copper pins and 2 solid copper pins in the bolster.  At a weight of 1lb 9oz, this is a very fast blade.  It can be easily wielded with one hand, and when you wanna add some serious power you can double up with 2 hands!  This Sword comes with one of my custom made scabbards.  The scabbard is 3 piece poplar wood construction.  It features stabilized hemp wrap, pure Silver-skull and bones- touchmark tag,  hand stitched leather, hammer peened copper rivets, steel rivets, forged rings/shackle, and dual sided hand carved art!  Im including a removable dual snap loop for side belt carry. The Scabbard is just as much a piece of art as the sword itself.  



Weight: 1lb 9oz

Overall Length: 29.5"

Edge lengths: primary-20", spine 14"

Sword thickness at ricasso: 0.125"

Swamp Sword #5