Stainless Camp Chef

If your looking for an extremely versatile outdoor adventure blade....This is it!  Handmade from Stainless Steel so its NOT GOING TO RUST!!! I repeat no awesome is that! lol....Anyways what makes this blade so special other than the fact that its a one of a kind, one off, handmade by a crazy pirate, super comfortable, super stylish, great geometry, bulletproof construction, and razor sharp edge is The Heat Treat.  I do all of my own heat treat in house using the best equipment you can buy...Temperature controlled kilns, proffessional fluids, calibrated rockwell hardness tester, etc.  This Stainless is an entirely different monster to heat treat than carbon steel.  Im not going to go into it because im not giving away my secrets, but just now this its an extreme amount of work to heat treat this steel the way im doing it!  Its a great deal of work but the payoff that comes in the excellent perfomance is totally worth it! This blade not only takes a screaming sharp edge, it will hold it.  The blade features high polished primary flat grinds, ring grip, laminate wood handle (Red Heart and Canary Wood), and Brass Pins/Lanyard pin.  This is a truly incredible heirloom quality piece made for everyday use!  Also, you dont have to be next to a campfire to use this blade...Its just as at home in your kitchen! This blade comes with free USPS priority tracked shipping and a leather sheath or wood scabbard.  Please indicate at checkout what you would like- leather or wood scabbard. both will have a belt loop. 



Weight 15.8oz

Edge Length 7.25"

Overall Length 12.5"

Spine Thickness 0.187 (3/16")

Stainless Camp Chef