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SS "Guillotine"

The first ever Stainless Steel Guillotine.  Handmade from AEBL stainless steel!  I put this through a very complex and lengthy heat treat... Heat treating stainless is already much more difficult than high carbon steel, but then you have the challenge of such a large piece.. The size of this piece makes it that much more of a challenge with the Stainless steel heat treat, however the results are definetly worth it.  The performace of the AEBL is unmatched even by the 80crv2 and damascus blades.  Its takes and holds an extremely sharp edge and is super tough stuff.   This SS model Guillotine is handmade from 1/4" thick AEBL steel this is a Stealth bulldozer with an edge! Flat primary bevels, angled plunge lines, satin finish, deep fullers, Grail Mark skull and bones, Pirate Forge engraving, kiln scaled flats, and a ridiculously sharp edge!  The handle is highly figured Bocote Wood with hammer flared hollow copper pins.  The handle also features my "Relic" recessed style fitment.   This blade will come with a custom made leather sheath. Sheath will feature heavy veg tanned leather, black stitching, copper rivets, laser engravings, belt loop attachment for cross draw carry, and a wildly unique swamp camo hand stained/painted finish. Please select "Right" or "Left" hand model at checkout.  I will also be reaching out to you for a little personal customization of the sheath. 


overall length 29.75"

edge length 17.75"

blade width 3"

Spine thickness 0.25"


Free Shipping for continental USA residents. USPS priority Shipping.  Tracked. 



SS "Guillotine"

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