Ship Chain Hammer

Forged from a piece of old Ship Anchor Chain! This is one incredible hammer and 110% pirate style!  I put a great deal of work into figuring out the best way to heat treat this steel to pull some extraordinary results out of this old long forgotten chain!  Fully martensitic with a tight grained kiln heat treat.  There are details from end to end.....Antiqued patina, dual stabilized hemp wraps, forged mild steel butt cap with hollow copper pin, Hickory wood handle, Carvings,  and a Red Heart wood CROSS top wedge with a copper circle wedge.  One face is squared and dressed...the other is rounded.  A highly functional piece of heirloom quality art....



Head Weight 2lb 1oz

overall weight 3lb 5oz

overall length 15.5"

Ship Chain Hammer