Serbian cleavers are king of the campsite.  From preparing food to chopping wood, this hand forged beauty has got you covered!  Forged from 80crv2 carbon steel, this is my spin on this popular blade.  The blade features a drifted finger ring and flat ground primary bevels.  I placed a forced patina over the top 1/4 of the blade. Looking close you can even see some of the forge texture left on the top portion of the blade.  The bottom 1/4 of the blade has been high polished.  The handle is dyed (dark green) and stabilized Sycamore wood topped off with 3 hollow copper pins. This blade also includes one of my custom made leather sheaths.  I used hammer peened steel rivets to close the weld seam before press fitting the sheath to the blade. This technique creates a perfect fit! 



Weight: 1lb 2oz

Overall Length: 11"

Blade Length: 6", Blade Height: 3.88"

Serbian Ring Cleaver