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Sawblade Pocket Shiv/Rosewood

The smallest Pirate Forge knife to date..... The Shiv.. handmade from upcycled sawmill blade steel.  This little fella carries the same top notch heat treat as the others. Coming in at 6.25" overall with a 2.75" blade length. The Shiv features flat ground primary bevels and a swampwashed patina finish. The handle features exotic hardwood and chamfered hollow copper pins.  The blade comes with a custom handmade pocket sheath (no belt loop or clip). See photo for picture of sheath. The slim blade design along with the pocket sheath makes for a very useful blade you can carry everywhere. 

Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free shipping for USA continental residents. USPS tracked and insured.


Sawblade Pocket Shiv/Rosewood

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