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Sawblade Fillet - Olive Wood with Leatherwood sheath

The Pirate Forge Sawblade Fillet! Handmade from old sawmill blade steel sourced from Mississippi.  These blades feature my in house heat treat that is second to none.  This Nickel alloy high carbon steel takes and holds an extremely sharp edge.  The blade steel is also more resistant to rust than other high carbon steels making it on of my favorites.  This fillet knife has been ground with great attention to detal.  One at a time in my hands, all done by eye.  No jigs/no guides.  I fine tune the distal taper to get that perfect flex that I find to make a versitale blade.  I personaly use mine to fillet anything from big red snapper, flounder, catfish, to smaller bluegill and crappie.  These blades are also a great tool in the kitchen! My fillet knives feature flat primary ground bevels with a razor sharp secondary sharpened edge. The handles are paired with assorted hardwoods and chamfered hollow copper pins. I also use the highest quality marine grade epoxy on the market in my construction. This blade comes with a custom made leather sheath.  The sheath features my "Leatherwood' embossing, ornate hand tooling, black stitching, hammered copper rivets, belt loop strap, and an antiqued finish. The sheath pictured is the one included with the blade. If you are LEFT HANDED please send message at checkout and I'll make a similiar styled LEFT HANDED sheath for you!


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase.  Free shipping for continental USA residents. USPS priority tracked and fully insured.



overall length 10.5"

blade length 6"

weight 3.7oz

Sawblade Fillet - Olive Wood with Leatherwood sheath

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