Made from upcycled Mississippi Sawmill Blade (nickel alloy carbon steel).   This stylish chef knife is sitting at a tight grained 62 rockwell hardness. The blade is flat ground then hand sanded before applying a forced patina! The patina is totally organic/random and provides added corrosion resitance. The handle features Babinga Wood, hollow copper pins, and a solid copper center pin. This blade also comes with a custom wooden saya. (poplar wood, balsa center). The retention pin is handmade from teak and is fastened to a small brass skull! 



Weight: 7.3oz

overall length: 13.25", 336.55mm

blade length: 8.75", 222.25mm

blade height 2.5", 63.5mm 

-blade thickness- ricasso 2.1mm, mid 1.6mm, 1" from tip 0.9mm