Chef knife made from upcycled sawmill blade! Nickel alloy carbon steel. I tested this steel at different heat cycles/austenizing temps to determine heat treat for best grain structure. This upcycled sawmill steel is hitting 68 rockwell post quench with tight grain! Blade edge is tempered down to the 62 rockwell on this piece. Brazilian Walnut with hollow copper pins on the handle. Blade is light and thin making it one awesome slicing machine! Only 1/8"thick at tang with distal taper throughout.  Blade was etched then a forced mustard patina was placed over that, adding rust protection as well as style!  Price is for blade only. Protective wooden saya can be custom built for this piece for an additinal $50. Contact me via phone/email listed on page to have one made. 


Specs: Weight 8.8oz

Overall Length: 14", Blade Length: 9", 2.5" tall.

Sawblade Chef