Rustic Cleaver Forged from a Leaf Spring with verified quality. (Prior to forging, a piece of the leaf spring was ran through my heat treat process for spring steel.  The "snap" test revealed fantastic grain and a post quench hardness of 64 rockwell.) Its awesome to upcycle a piece of steel into a blade, but not all leaf springs make good blades.  They are classified as "mystery steel" and can be made of many types of steel.  By taking the aforementioned steps I can be sure that the spring with turn into a fantastic blade worthy of the skull and bones touchmark!

Anyways, back to the Blade!  Handforged cleaver with drifted eye. I left the forged texture on the top half of the blade.  The primary bevels are mirror polished with slight hollow grinds.  The handle features Babinga wood/Hemp twine with vertical stacked Whitetail Deer Antler. Peened brass pins on the antler and hollow copper pins on the Babinga.  This is truly one unique cleaver!


Specs: Weight: 1lb 13oz

Blade Length: 6.5", 4.5" tall

Overall Length: 12"

Backwoods Cleaver