RoughNeck Machete / Teak Wood

A fully custom made machete ready for everyday use.  Handmade from upcycled Sawmill Blades. These blades feature the same Pirate Forge heat treat as my other blades.  They take and hold an extremely sharp edge.  The Blade features Scandi Ground primary bevels, a darkened mill scale finish on the flats, and a  laser engraved skull and crossbones touchmark.  The hardwood handle is fixed with GFLEX marine grade epoxy as well as hammer flared hollow copper pins.  An awesome outdoor tool! 

This price is for Machete only.  This blade does not come with a sheath. 



Weight: around 1lb 2oz (every blade is different)

Overall Length: around 22.25"

Blade Length: around 16.25"

RoughNeck Machete / Teak Wood