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River Roach

I give you the "River Roach".... Named after the catfish candy of the river.  Its a good sized minnow that has caught me more fish than I can count... The size and sleek design reminded me of one... Thats the inspiration.. now more on the blade... Handmade from AEBL stainless steel with in house heat treat. This is a dependable blade that you dont have to worry about rusting like carbon steel! Its also sitting a nice hardness that will be easy for the common fellow to sharpen. The blade features flat ground primary bevels, a hand rubbed satin finish, and. a laser engraved skull and bones touch mark.  The handle is paired with your choice of Vintage Butterscotch Micarta or Green Micarta and hollow copper pins.  Micarta is the toughest and most durable handle material available.  My whole goal of this blade was to make a low maintenance edc and introductory blade into the forge. So, it just made sense to use these great components.  Each blade comes with a handmade pocket sheath.  The sheath is designed without a belt loop or clip.... It is meant to sit in the bottom of your pocket. 

Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free Shipping for continental USA residents. USPS tracked. 


Blade Specs:

overall length 6.25"

blade length 2.5"

weight 2.6oz

River Roach

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