Pirate Serbian Cleaver

Forged 80crv Carbon Spring Steel, Flat primary grinds, Stonewash finish, Hammered through tang design.  Blade Features a Bolster forged from antique  ship anchor chain wrought iron.  The pommel is  forged copper.  The handle is wrapped/stabilized hemp.  This will make a great versatile culinary blade.  Will be great in the kitchen or next to the camp fire!  Included with the blade is a handmade saya.  I used a 3 piece stained popular wood design, W/M (my initials) carving, and a leather snap retention strap. 



Overall Length: 11.5"

Cutting Edge: 6"

Blade Height: 3.25"

Ricasso: 0.30", Spine 0.15" with distal taper to 0.03

Weight: 1lb 1.3oz


Pirate Serbian Cleaver