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Old World Copper Pirate Coin

The new "Old World" Design is here... These are not like the other coins youve seen that are cheaply produced with stamps and/or made over seas....These coins are made in the USA right here in my shop!  And instead of mass produced stamped coins these are Laser Engraved one at a time!! Over 2 hours of laser work per coin! yes that much time in each coin!... I chose Laser Engraving to add levels of detail impossible with other methods... I specially designed these coins to represent The Pirate Forge.... The detail and quality is on par with the rest of my work... Only the best... Large Copper Coins with a unique antiqued finish.  Also ordinary challenge coins are just boring.... So I added something else.... Often times when faced with a decision of "what should I do" in the forge....I used a piece of wood with Yes on one side and No on the other to make decisions.. I ask the question then throw it up in the air and let it come crashing down hitting anvils, tools, people, and other things until it makes it to the shop floor! I then go with the Answer!! So on these coins I've included the "Yay" and "nay"..... You can flip the coin to help you make all your bad pirate decisions!!! 


Free shipping for Continental USA residents. Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. 



diameter 1.562"

thickness 1/8"

weight 1oz

Old World Copper Pirate Coin

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