NIGHTMARE - Swamp Sword #6

This is NIGHTMARE!!! Swamp sword #6.  This piece has nearly been a month and a half in the making!! I forged the "Sawmascus" blade using a combination of old sawmill blades(nickel alloy carbon steel), 52100, and 15n20.  There is a total of 329 layers in total.  On the final restack of the billet I added layers of 1/4" 15n20 steel.  This addition made for a dramatic pattern of highly compressed veins of damascus!  Even though the blade is 329 layers the compression gives the veins the appearance of a much higher layer count. After forging I put the sword through a lengthy kiln heat treat process.  Even running a test piece of the forged steel through the same heat cycles/soak times/austenizing temp/etc to verify fine grain structure.  Again this epic sword is not only beautiful.....It's battle ready. The Sword has primary flat grinds to the fuller and then convexes to the spine.  This attention to blade geometry creates exceptional performance!  The guard and pommel are "Shipwreck" Damascus.  I forged the steel using antique wrought iron ship anchor chain, mild steel tug boat railing, nickel, and several pieces of leftover damascus scraps from previous Pirate Forge builds!  The guard and pommel pieces consist of over 1000 layers of steel.  Pure madness! The guard and pommel have carbon fiber liners and mild steel pins.  The handle is Bolivian Rosewood with hollow copper pins.  This Sword comes with one of my custom made scabbards.  The scabbard is 3 piece poplar wood construction.  It features stabilized hemp wrap, Pure Silver -skull and bones- touchmark tag, hand stitched leather, hammer peened copper rivets, steel rivets, forged rings/shackle, and dual sided hand carved art!  Im including a removable dual snap loop for side belt carry. The Scabbard is just as much a piece of art as the sword itself.  



Weight: 2lb 13oz

Overall Length: 31.5" 

Tip to Hilt length: 21.25"

Blade Thickness at Hilt: .160"


NIGHTMARE - Swamp Sword #6