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Mosquito Hawk #9 Spike Head

Forged from a small ball peen hammer, the Mosquito Hawk is one super cool little Tomahawk! It is hand forged then heat treated here in house!  The Heat treat im putting on these makes for a fully hardened hawk that takes and holds a sharp edge! Fitted to a carved Oak Wood handle! Antiqued finish with mirror buffed axe edge bevel and hammer face/spike point. These are great for the trail, campsite, or wherever! This Mosquito Hawk comes with a custom leather snap sheath and belt loop carrier. Carriers and sheaths are ambidextrious. 

Items will be shipped within 7 business days of purchase.  Free shipping for continental USA residents. USPS tracked and insured. 



weight 10.6oz each one is handforged/handmade and one of a kind so weights and lengths can vary)

Mosquito Hawk #9 Spike Head

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