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Limited Edition Copper Decision Coin

Only 25 of these will ever be made.  This current listing is for the first 9.  These are completed and ready to ship.  This is the most intricate design on a coin that I've ever done.  That being said each coin took 12 hours of engraving each!  After the engraving I then hand sanded, blackened, buffed, and cleaned each coin to give you what you see.  Each coin has its number engraved on the "Nay" Skull and Bones side. You really have to look at these things under magnification to see just how detailed they are.  This is detail you cant get from stamping coins.  And most folks arent gonna put 12 hours of laser engraving into a coin.  The price would be ridiculous given the average laser work is gonna be $1/minute-$100 an hour.  So we have something very unique here. This coin has Nay on one side and Yay on the other.. Do you have a Pirate decision to make?  Just flip the coin.  Its that easy.. Rock and Roll.    Dont miss out on these limited Copper Coins.  


Items will ship within 5 business days of purchase. Free Shipping for Continental USA residents.  USPS tracked. 



Thickness 1/8"

Width 1.56"

weight 0.9oz

Limited Edition Copper Decision Coin

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