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"Graveyard Edition" NecroChete/ Gator Sheath

Now this is on badass Necrochete!  Handmade from 80crv2 High Carbon Steel with that in house Pirate Forge top notch heat treat.  The blade features a beefy 1/4" thick spine, 6" of deep laser engraved spine jimping, a 13" blade sporting combo grinds (flat/convex distal and hollow ground proximal blade), intregral guard with through hole, Grail Mark engraved touchmark, "Pirate Forge" engraved on spine, fullers, and a razor sharp polished edge!  The blade is already unique in its on right but heres where things get even better. On April 25, 2023 I buried it underground in a shallow grave!  During this time it was also several feet underwater due to flooding in the are where it was buried.  After nearly 5 months (146 days to be exact) underground I dug the blade up.  All that time underground left its mark... The "Graveyard Finish."   The blade now looks ancient! After Cleaning the blade up I handled it with some Poison Blackwood and hollow copper pins in my recessed fit up.  This blade comes with a custom made Alligator Skin sheath.  It is designed for a right hand draw and is carried on the left hip.  The sheath features heavy veg. tanned leather, black stitching, ornate hand tooling, multi toned stain job, real Alligator skin (from a gator I killed last hunting season here in Florida), frog style detachable belt loop attachment, retention snap strap, and numerous hammered copper rivets. Make sure to scroll through all the photos.  



overall length 19"

blade length 13"

weight 1lb 7.7oz


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase.  Free USPS tracked priority shipping for Continental USA residents.

"Graveyard Edition" NecroChete/ Gator Sheath

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