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Graveyard Edition Dagger/Frog Skin Sheath

Buried under ground for 111 days! The Graveyard Edition Dagger.  Handmade from 80crv2 high carbon steel with a top notch in house Pirate Forge heat treat. The blade features hollow ground primary bevels, skull and bones touchmark, central through hole, and the amazing "graveyard finish"  texture.  Being buried underground in a shallow grave for nearly 4 months left its mark on the blade and handle.  It looks ancient.  The handle is Oak wood with hollow copper pins in the "Relic" recessed style.  This blade comes with an equally unique real Escambia River Bullfrog skin sheath ( I killed the big bullfrog with a blowgun.. how cool is that!?  Not only did I have some good eating, I was able to use the skin as well.) The sheath is ambidextrous/belt loop carry.  The sheath features heavy veg. tanned leather, real bullfrog skin, black stitching, hand painted multi tone stain job with an antiqued finish, hand tooling, hammer forged copper rivets, and a detachable frog style belt loop attachment. 



overall length 8"

blade length 4"

weight 3.3oz


items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free USPS tracked priority shipping for Continental USA residents. 


Graveyard Edition Dagger/Frog Skin Sheath

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