One seriously wicked Bowie Knife! Forged from 80crv2 spring steel. The blade features primary flat grinds, spine filework,  hamon (differential hardness/see the light line near the guard), through tang hammer peened constuction, hand forged antique wrought iron guard and pommel (Blackened Finish), stabilized black hemp wrap handle.  I used the blade to hot fit/drift the guard slot for a perfect fit!  The guard carries my pirate touchmark on this piece.  If you follow my social media this is the knife that i chopped through a 2x4 several times and still sliced paper with ease.  A testiment to the heat treat and constuction of this piece.  It is built to last way more than a lifetime!  The blade comes with a custom Scabbard also made by me.  3 piece poplar wood, stabilized hemp wrap, hand tooled leather, hammer peened copper rivet, hand forged ring, detachable belt loop, ambidextrous carry with hand carvings of both sides. This is one epic piece! 



Weight: 1lb 12oz

Overall Length: 16.25"

11.25" from tip to guard

Ricasso Thickness: 5/16"