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Stainless Frog and Snake Knife /Stabilized Pecan Wood/Copper pins

Like the "Bird and Trout' knife just cooler and more badass...  This is one awesome little blade! Great for cleaning and skinning out some big bullfrogs and snakes or even larger game.  Easy place your pointer finger at/near the tip for precision cuts.  Not a hunter? No problem, this blade is a great Every Day Carry and can be used for nearly anything and everything.  It is handmade from AEBL Stainless Steel.  With my fine grained in house heat treat it is tough and holds a razor sharp edge.  This blade features flat ground primary bevels with a satin finish.  The Stabilized Pecan Wood handle features chamfered hollow copper pins with marine grade epoxy construction. This blade comes with a custom handmade Right Hand Belt Loop Carry Sheath. The sheath features detailed hand tooling,  black stitching, hammered copper rivets, and an antiqued finish. 


Items will ship within 7 business days of purchase. Free shipping for Continental USA residents. USPS tracked shipping.



overall length 6.5"

cutting edge length 2.75"

weight 3.2oz

Stainless Frog and Snake Knife /Stabilized Pecan Wood/Copper pins

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